Why Buy Local?

  • For every $1 spend at local business, 68 cents is reinvested locally where as big chain purchases keep 15-43 cents in local community and on-line purchases keep 0 in the community.
  • Local shops invest more in communities.
  • Shopping locally saves time and money.
  • Shopping locally retains area's uniqueness.
  • Local shops value their customers.
  • Shopping locally creates jobs. Small, locally owned businesses are the largest employers in the United States.
  • Local businesses frequently purchase from other local businesses. Purchasing local goods and services helps grow area businesses as well as the the area's tax base.
  • Local business owners donate more to local charities than non-local owners.
  • Local businesses are owned by people who live in this community, are less likely to leave, and are more invested in the city's future.
  • Local businesses often hire people with more specific product or service expertise.

Easy Ways to Support Local Businesses

Whether you are a consumer or a business owner, there are many ways you can actively help the Imlay City region's economy. Participate or volunteer in one of the many activities sponsored by the Imlay City Chamber of Commerce and support our Chamber Members. Get to know your business neighbors, purchase goods and services through them and direct potential customers their way.